Bill's Blog

Description of Blog

Bill’s blog appears first with a banner across the top that has three pictures of a pair of shoes in different places. On the right side of the banner is a short menu linking to different pages within his blog. There is dark text on a light-colored background, but the different titles of each blog entry are a brown color and have the date of entry with it. Links are red. There are a few pictures of Bill himself and some pictures examples of what he talks about in his blog entries. The entries themselves appears first as a few paragraphs but there are links to view more of each entry. On the right side of the page are different applications and tools such as "DOPPLR", or "Google Friend Connect". Along with each blog entry are relevant information and links to find out more about the information.

Description of Context

The context of Bill's blog focuses on some type of technology, mostly mobile phones. Reading one about the art piece "Britglyph" got me interested and I continued reading more. It talks about the art piece that is currently in progress throughout Great Britain. Bill made a trip to participate in this venture and continued to talked about the technology that helps make this art come to life. To participate you would need a phone with a camera, online maps, GPS, and networks. You would use these to navigate to where the rock you were using needed to go. Another blog entry talks about mobile phones are getting smaller but have more 'stuff' than a laptop might have. However it says that have all this 'stuff' in your phone might not be the best thing. Another blog entry talks about Facebook and all the requests one person could have. Bill says he doesn't "trust random applications that ask for access to my profile data or want to be able to post on my Wall, so I don’t add them even when people I like ask me to do." (blog entry of December 29, 2008)


It was hard for me to focus on this chapter and exercise because I guess I wasn't really interested in the focus of it all. I was interested in Bill's blog but it was hard to do the assignment when I was interested it in.

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