For this assignment (in Chapter 4), use the planned survey technique.

Description of the blog

Within the Billblog, many different pieces come together to create the overall image. The blog is used a communicative device that is organized in a chronological order, with the most recent stories appearing at the top of the page. The titles of the stories are in color (most specifically green), followed by the means in which Bill posted the story (appearing in just ordinary black ink), and then reference to any comments that have or can be made (expressed in red ink). The body of the text appears in black text and stories that are anyway related appear under the body of the story as a link that can be to checked further into. Throughout the text, not everything is exactly grammatically correct and most of the stories relate to technology in one way or another. At the top of the page a few random pictures appear and, also, a couple other pictures of Bill are seen throughout the stories. The pictures at the top of the page do have one thing in common though: every picture contains a pair of sneakers in it as a focal point, followed by some sort of background. To the right of the stories, there are links that address Bill's latest adventures, a great variety of other social networks and tags, and Bill's most recently played music. Links upon links are seen throughout the blog as well as various sorts of pictures. Another feature of the blog is the way it follows a column-looked appearance with everything else lying within the margins. One common occurrence seen a few times throughout the posts is that they begin with the word 'I'. A few main themes portrayed throughout Bill's blogs include his outlook on the technological world and how impatient he can be at times.

Description of context

The context is addressed to everyone but mostly people of the technological area seem to interact. Bill contributes in many ways to his blog and expresses his interests with the public, making the atmosphere feel free and is entitled to anyone who is interested in his featured stories (the members of the blog can be seen with the application on the right-hand side of the blog). The environment is laid back and content as Bill is very random and feels free to share whatever is on his mind at the moment. He talks about things in his life as well as what the latest happenings are within the world of technology. Some members respond to the posts in the comment section and with varying lengths. Some pose questions while others offer their opinions. With Bill's background and all that he is involved with today, it is no surprise how different his posts range from one to another. Some posts feed off of former work of Bill's, which is why "Also relevant" links are associated with specific stories. From being a professor, a big internet programmer, and everything else that he has done, he feels free to share anything and everything with his members and other viewers. There is no orderly fashion when he composes a new post but is consistent with the format, extra links that are connected with his latest posts, and is always open to responses, in which he is also not worried about the fact that they can very well range from anything and everything. Another common theme seen throughout the first few posts by Bill include how short of an attention span he has, which possibly can be related to the the various lengths of his posts from time-to-time.


My 'Planned Survey'

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