use plan survey (chapter 4)
organized by 3 parts
Do not interperte-- put interperates in notes, value statements

Descripion of Blog Itself
Description of Context

Description of Blog Itself
The background color of the site is white, with some green and black font. The top of the site has a small green bar with “about:bill” in the farthest right corner. The words link to a biography of Bill Thompson, a technology critic and commentator on digital culture.

Underneath the small green bar are four picture segments divided evenly. The fist picture is predominantly pink/red with an arrow pointing to the left with words behind saying “ARSENALE.” Underneath these words are the words “GIARDINI” with an arrow pointing to the right. There is a blue/grey spray painted face with a scribbly mouth and the toes of two small blue and white sneakers in the lower center of the picture. The second picture contains a closer shot of the blue sneakers in the lower center of the photo with water and a building with boats attached to it. The third photo is of sneakers with a large and unique building in the background with large window. The fourth slot has the words “the billblog” and “andfinally,” located in the upper right corner of the box in a grey font. “The billblog” links to the homepage of the site, “andfinally” talks about all the things Bill Thompson does and all the different organizations he works with.

The left and center 2/3 of the site contains blog postings by billblog and will be covered in the Description of Context section. The right side contains a heading that says “Welcome to the billblog” in a green font with a lighter green background. Underneath is text in black font that says “Writing, entertainments, and snippets from the keyboard of Bill Thompson.” Underneath this text is a link that contains a version of the site for people on the iPod Touch. Underneath that is a Dopplr box that says Bill is at home in Cambridge and has planned trips to: Newcastle, London, Norwich, and another trip to London. There are photos of some of his dopplr friends and a box asking you to join this group. Underneath this text are links to Apple, BBC, Bill Thompson, Brazil, Broadband, Cambridge, china, cloud community, copyright, and so on. These tags lead to topics he has written about in previous articles.

Underneath these tags is a bar that says, “Where to Find Me” and a schedule of where bill will be in the upcoming weeks. Underneath that are three photos of a person on a laptop, a group of people sitting at a desk and a speaker in front of a group of people. Underneath is an ad for flicker, and google. Underneath that is a green box that says “Amnesty International” and has a list of tracks. Underneath that is a box matching all the other boxes saying “Recent Posts” and underneath that a box that says “Comments,” another that says “Other places” “More to Read,” “Meta,” and “Jobs from Workcircle.” The bottom of the site says it is powered by WordPress 2.7 .

Description of the Prose and Posts
In the first blog entry, “Don’t dream it… Google it,” Bill writes about he is distracted by all the different things to do on the Internet. He concludes this post by writing that even though all these things may seem to be distractions; they are really keeping us in touch with our family and friends. Not responding to messages form other people, may make a person seem not polite.

Underneath this entry are links to related articles. The next entry is called, “Why we need to stop the data retention proposals.” It is written like a news article. Bill talks about how internet and providers will have to keep a list of all emails and telephone and texts on file for a year. Bill writes that we should not accept this and we should engage the government to educate those on this issue because they represent us all.

Underneath this text is a list of relevant post. The next post is called, “Changing world.” This article can also be read on BBC News website. This article is about the technology “Big Board” and the wonders it has, but yet ethical concerns it brings to the table. “Our connected Christmas” is about how each member of his family was sitting like the average American family at Christmas but each family member was using some type of technology, like an ipod or a laptop. He goes on to say that even though we are constantly bombarded by different sources, we choose to keep responding to be polite. “The Dude abides,” is a photo of Bill and how he has a striking resemblance to the character in the movie “The Bid Lebowski.” “Facebook foolishness” is about how bill does not like all the different applications that he gets sent requests for daily on facebook.

Description of Context:
In our digital age, we are persuaded to have blogs, write on blogs, have profiles on facebook, myspace, etc. This blog is no exception. The right bar invites the reader to sign in or join dopplr and each of Bill's friend's are displayed. If you join, your photo too can be displayed. I later learned that Bill is good friends with the creator of dopplr, that could be the most likely reasoning for him using it on his site.

The newest inventions in our world are mostly technological so we are persuaded to learn more about these types of technologies by looking them up on the Internet. This is a source that will help people to learn about what is new in our digital world from the perspective of Bill.

We are encouraged through blogs like this one to post digitized content whenever possible to make it easier for people to move through a site. For example, when Bill talks about himself, he is usually making fun of his appearance. His hair he says looks "good..ish." Even though it seems he does not think highly of his appearance, he has posted numerous photos of himself. Maybe because of the social norm do to so?

In "Facebook Foolishness" Bill warns about adding random applications because he doesn't trust them. Even if people he likes sends applications to him, he will not accept unless he likes the application. These are some of the new issues we face in society, who do we trust on the Internet, who should we accept as friends, will employers look at our profiles and the pictures we post, will someone hack my bank account?

Most of the posted entries state what organization the author wrote the article for, seems to give a huge amount of credibility to the author. On the other hand, there is a definite mix between personal life and work life on this site. One instance is the entry with a photo that contains an image of the author and a doll from the movie “The Big Lebowski.” The image shows how alike the Bill and the character look alike. It is a humorous look and possibly the personality of the author. There are some entries that seem strange, like the photo entry, as well as the “Facebook foolishness” entry. These entries seem random. If the author is such a credited author and expert, why does he then bring his personal life in so much on this site. It almost seems like there should be two separate sites. (compared to Emily Cummins, there isn’t much flow between professional and personal.

The message of the writings is to make people aware of what is going on in our technology world. Bill has many different companies he works for and gains credible information from. He addresses social, political, and government issues all relating to technology. He seems to be an ambassador for giving knowledge about technology (explains technology in easy to understand terms) to the average Joe.
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