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ArgumentInTwoWebSites [Argument in Two Web Sites] ARhetoricOfTwitter [A rhetoric of twitter] EvaluatingTheBSUWebSiteReWork [Evaluation of the BSU Website Re-Work]
InterpretingTheWeblog [InterpretingTheWeblog] PresentationalEnthymemeProject [Presentational Enthymeme Project] PresentationalEnthymemesAndInequalityIs [Project: Presentational Enthymemes in]
ProWebPresenceProject [description] ReWorkingTheBSUWebSite2008 [Re-Working the BSU Web, 2008] RhetoricalVelocityAndTwitterProject [Rhetorical Velocity and Twitter Project]
SocialNetworkingProject [Social Networking Project] SpamProject [A Spam Project] TextAndContextInFourWebsitesDebriefing [Text and Context in Four Websites Debriefing]
TwoSpamEmails [Two Spam Emails Project] UniversityHomePagesProject [description] WeblogProject [Weblog Project 2009]
WhatMakesAMemeRhetoricallySuccessfulPaper [What Makes a Meme Rhetorically Successful?]

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