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AFirstPassAtArgumentsOnWebSites [A First Pass at Considering Arguments on Web Sites] AlternativeProgressionOnAWebsite [Alternative Forms of Progression on a Website] AnalysisOfAPersuasiveTechnologyExercise [A (Brief) Analysis of a Persuasive Technology]
AnalyzingPisteisOnThreeWebPagesExercise [Analyzing Pisteis on Three Web Home Pages] ArgumentInTwoWebSites [Argument in Two Web Sites] AspectsOfTheRhetoricalSituationExercise [Aspects of the Rhetorical Situation Exercise]
AudienceEngagementExercise [Audience Engagement Techniques] AudienceMarkersExercise [Audience Markers Exercise] AudienceMarkersExercise1 [Audience Markers Warmup Exercise]
AudienceMarkersExercise2 [Audience Markers Exercise 2] AudienceMarkersExercise3 [Audience Markers Exercise 3] AudienceMarkersInWeblogsExercise [Audience Markers in Weblogs]
AudienceMarkersInWeblogsExercise3 [Audience Markers in Weblogs Exercise 3] AudienceMarkersInWeblogsExercisePart2 [Audience Markers in Weblogs, Part 2] AudienceMarkersInWeblogsProject [Audience Markers in Weblogs]
AudienceMarkersInWeblogsProjectPart2 [Audience Markers in Weblogs, Part 2] BalconyViewExercise [Balcony View Exercise] BSUHomepageAsArgument [BSU Homepage as an Argument]
CataloguingGIFsExercise [Cataloguing GIF figures in image and text] ExploringTwitterForRecomposing [Exercise - Exploring Twitter for Recomposing] ExtractFromStonerChap6 [Extract from S&P, Chap 6]
FinalPassAtArgumentsOnWebSites [Final Pass at Arguments on Web Sites] FirstLookAtEmail [First Look At Email] FirstPassAtCriticalMethodExercise [First Pass at Critical Method Exercise]
HandlistOfERhetoric [A Handlist of E-Rhetoric] HomePageDescriptionExercise [Home Page Description Exercise] HowBloggersUseLinksExercise [Sphericules]
IntroExerciseInRhetoricalVelocity [Alts] LandingPageAnalysisExercise [Landing Page Analysis Exercise] LandingPageDescriptionExercise [Landing Page Description Exercise]
LinksInBloggingExercise [Links In Blogging Exercise] LookingAtTheTexualizedRhetSit [The tweet for the exercise] MoleskineMarketingPart3 [Moleskine Markting Text, Part 3: Images]
MoleskineMarketingTextExercise [Moleskine Marketing Text] MoleskineText [MoleskineText] MoleSkineTextAnalysisMCM [MoleSkineTextAnalysisMCM]
MorgansNotesOnMessagesChap4 [Morgan's Notes On Messages Chap 4: Text and Context] NotesOnHabitus [Habitus] ObservingTheRhetoricalSituationOfATweet [The tweet for the exercise]
OnePageIntro [One Page Intro] OnePageIntroPart2 [One Page Intro, part 2] OverviewOfMethod [Overview of Method]
PresentationalEnthymemeProject [Presentational Enthymeme Project] ProgressionInAWebSiteExercise [Progression in a Web Site Exercise] ProWebPresenceProject [description]
RhetoricalMessagesExercise [Rhetorical Messages Exercise] RhetoricalMessagesExerciseDebriefing [RhetoricalMessagesExerciseDebriefing] RhetoricalUsesOfLinksInWeblogs [Rhetorical Uses of Links in Personal Weblogs]
SecondPassAtArgumentsOnWebSites [Second Pass at Arguments on Web Sites] SetUpAWikiNamePageExercise [Hello World: Set up a WikiName page] SomeTechniquesForObserving [Some techniques for observing]
StyleInAMicromessage [Style in a Micromessage] StyleInMicroMessages [Style in Micro-Messages] StyleOnTumblrProject [Investigating Style on a Tumblr]
TextAndContextExercise [Text and Context Exercise] TextAndContextInFourWebsitesDebriefing [Text and Context in Four Websites Debriefing] TextAndContextInFourWebsitesProject [Project: Text-Context in Four Web Sites]
TheRhetoricalSituationsOfTwitteringExercise [Rhetorical Situations and Twittering] ThreeWeblogExercises [Three Weblog Exercises] TwoSpamEmails [Two Spam Emails Project]
UniversityHomePagesProject [description] UsesOfLinksInWeblogs [Uses of Links in Personal Weblogs] WeblogsGenresAndLinksExercise [Sphericules]
WebSiteAnalysisExercise [Web Site Analysis Exercise] WebSiteVisitExercise [Web Site Visit Exercise] WhatMakesThisRhetorical [What Makes This Rhetorical? An exercise]
WhatMakesThisRhetorical2016 [What makes this rhetorical 2016] WhatMakesThisRhetoricalReprise [What makes this rhetorical, reprise] WhatMakesThisRhetoricalRepriseOnLine [What Makes This Rhetorical, Reprise - Online Version]
WhoAmIThisTimeExercise [Compare Prospective Student pages on two university sites]

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