Cataloguing Gifs

George: Use these three memes rather than locating them. But follow the CataloguingGIFsExercise for determining the figure and analyzing how they work.

For each meme below

Meme 1


1. Pictured is a meme of a guy standing outside with a few blurred
people standing in the background. It’s cold outside because snowflakes
are visible. The man in the center is dressed appropriately for the season
and is holding a plain looking sign made of cardboard with the following
neatly printed on it: “I am a little upset.” In prominent white letters,
“Biggest Riot” is centered on the top of the page, while “In Canadian
History appear at the bottom. Both sets of letters are shown in upper
A Figure of thought present here is the stoic pose of the man with the
sign. He doesn’t look angry or happy, he looks concerned. Figures of
speech include: The enthymeme is the guy holding the sign stating that he’s upset.
The cap is the centered text stating, “Biggest Riot In Canadian History.”
The message is that Canadians do not engage in large riots, The claim is
that we should follow the Canadians example. The warrant is that Canadians
are fine, civil people as evidenced by the man holding the sign and the
text. Irony is present here also. The guy doesn’t look too upset. The riot
that is implied bears no resemblance to what is seen on the news in the US.
The sign, in conjunction with the guy holding it constitute a litote. The
understatement of the man’s pose is the same as the sign he’s holding along with
the situation. He shouldn’t look so neutral in such a tense situation as a riot.
Also, it's not quite a paradox; surely Canada has had riots before, but we
believe the "biggest riot" statement because there haven't been any recently, so
maybe there really are no large riots in Canada anymore.
All told, the meme is kind of effective at making one pause, stop and think
that it would be certainly nice if everybody behaved like Canadians and
didn't engage in large, destructive riots. Certainly, considering the source of
the message, its audience would consist mainly of social media users.
This looks like the type of thing that I see on Facebook frequently.
The rhetor created the artifact to convey a belief that if everyone "rioted" as
Canadians do, the world would be a better place.

Meme 2

2. This particular GIF is pretty simple. It consists of an open binding type of
notebook, the color contrast covers the page nearly equally with a diagonal
slant. The only ring of the notebook is shown to be closed improperly. The two
clasps of the ring do not line up. Above that, at the top of the page, the words
“This Semester is Ruined” appear in all upper class, white letters.
The implied rhetor may be young and familiar with the pitfalls occasionally
encountered while going to school. The intended audience is most likely young
and going to school themselves and can instantly identify with this. It should be
stated that this particular artifact and its message can apply to a large audience
because many people have attended school at one time or another.
The entire artifact is an enthymeme. The datum is that the semester is ruined.
The warrant is because the notebook will not close properly. Depending on how one
looks at it the claim is that the notebook not closing, in conjunction with other
inferred undesirable events, caused the semester to be ruined. The other claim could be
that of a sarcastic false dilemna.
A figure of thought could be the arrangement of the two clasps. Since they are askew,
they demonstrate disharmony.
Simile is used here also. The clasps in conjunction with the text proclaim that this
semester is ruined, just like the notebook appears to be.
Depending on one's perspective, irony is present also. A broken clasp in a notebook
usually isn't enough to make a person consider a semester "ruined."
I like this meme, the way it speaks to me is that the broken notebook is the culmination
of a crummy series of events that put the cap on a lousy semester, and has therefore
officially ruined it. There is a grain of truth there that I totally identify with. I'm kind of
surprised that none of the people I'm friends with that go to BSU haven't found it and posted
it on Facebook.

Meme 3


3. The third example is a black square that contains five images. The images
are not the same size. The images correspond with the rhetor’s perception
of what society thinks of academia. Each image has white text underneath
stating what “society, corporation, students, professors and ‘I’ think of
academia. The word “Academia” is featured, centered in green, upper case
letters at the top of the meme.
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