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Hi my name is Carli. I am originally from Manalapan, New Jersey but moved at the age of 10 to Raleigh, North Carolina where I graduated high school. I then decided to come to Bemidji State in the fall of 2015 for college. Throughout my life I did gymnastics and cheerleading, as well as track and field in high school. Once coming to college, I decided to try out for Bemidji State Football Cheerleading and made the team. This will be my third year on the team and my first year as co-captain alongside my best friend, Josie. This is also my first cheering for Mens Basketball as well.

I am an english education major and pursuing a writing emphasis. I have a job at career services both at reception and at resumes on the run. I also tutor international students in english. This is my first time using wikis, my only other online writing experience has been through The Northern Student and writing articles for the website, running my own wordpress blog and running Odyssey Online my freshman year. I am excited to learn more about online writing and strengthen my writing skills.

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