I find it interesting how the human psyche attaches people their interests. According to Jay, Peter, in his article ‘Hobby Psychology,’ mastering a new hobby can be a small success that one can accomplish. Therefore in mastering a new hobby you achieve happiness which is cultivated in the small successes one achieves after finishing small tasks.
In retrospect I find myself in an exceptionally more than happy mood most of the time, not because I always complete some-kind of task (on the contrary I do) every time. Because I listen to music I like and I’ve made it my personal mission to find new/old music that sound more exhilarating than the ones I’ve already collected.
I stabled upon the Techno and Jazz genres of music recently and I must say the buoyancy of the music found in these categories makes me feel bubbly all day, seven days a week.
Back to Jay’s concept, the one thing I do routinely perform in order to achieve the happy he is talking about is clean. I always find myself scanning a room for signs of dirt whenever I walk into it; and if I do spot it it’s either I clean or leave the room.

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