My Perspective

I went home the other day to find all the dishes I had done on Saturday were dirty again - it had only been one day! My housemates don't do their dishes...ever. I told them that they could clean the bathroom instead, but they dont do that either! It isn't like this is the end of the world, but it is frustrating. I finally know what my parents must have felt like when they came home from a day of work, only to find the house trashed. They had to make a decision; they could sit down and ignore the mess, or keep working and maintain a household. They chose to keep working.

In the fall we used to have cleaning days, when all of us would pick a task or room to complete/clean up, and we would make the house livable for the next week or so before doing it all over again. I personally am surprised that we don't clean more because I happen to live with three girls. Being the sole male I kind of figured I would be the one leaving my junk all over the place, but I am far overshadowed daily. I think it is because everyone is really busy, and cleaning always is an afterthought. When life and deadlines take priority, afterthoughts never get noticed.

As long as the house is livable I suppose it will remain dirty, though I do my best to clean it when it gets too bad. I just wish occassionally I could come home to find a spotless bathroom, vaccumed living room, and clean kitchen. My girlfriend often does the dishes, and the other day she even cleaned the stove. That was the first time that thing had been cleaned in a month! There was spaghetti sauce and cheese, eggs, noodles, spices, and all sorts of other food bits littering the white range. That was really nice to see it clean. Everyone else isn't fully to blame with this however; I could take the initiative and tear through the house once per week, keeping the whole thing managable and making it less of a chore to maintain. I just get tired of cleaning sometimes.

The Other's Perspective

Ben can be such a pain in the ass. He doesn't really complain about me never cleaning at all, but he expects it to be done anyway. Like I have time to do anything other than school and work. Sometimes when I get home all I want to do is talk on the phone, take a shower, and go to bed. It isn't like the house is that dirty even. Sure there are dried bits of food scattered about and such, but we don't have mice or anything, so why does that matter? It's the middle of winter anyway, and it isn't like we have to take care of the house - it is being forclosed on, so the landlord has nothing to do with it anymore.

Sure we used to keep it cleaner, but that was this summer and the beginning of the school year when we all had more free time. Now it is a chore just to get enough clothes on to go to work or class - no one wants to do more work than they have to each day. All he does half the time is go out with his friends or go to the Rec Center anyway. Also, it isn't like he is a saint when it comes to cleaning; his room is soooo messy. He complains about living in conditions that are slobbish, but his own room is worse than mine!

Sometimes his girlfriend cleans parts of it, but she moved from a house that was always dirty. They had two dogs and two cats, all of which moved from the outside to the inside, and back out, and then in... you get the idea. To her this house must be a dream! We have only one cat (though it is a longhair that sheds) and most of us are somewhat clean to begin with. I really don't see what the big deal is with having a house that is a little grubby, it's no different than the house I grew up in and I turned out just fine.

Balcony View

There is a house. From the outside it is fairly run down, but appears structurally strong. Flaking blue paint and rusted white railings face the road, while the tiny yard is piled in dirty snow. The inside is not too much different. There are mild piles of coats, book-bags, grocery bags, pillows, blankets, several worn out couches, a surround sound media system, and many pairs of shoes. The threadbare carpet is stained and used; it appears to be several shades darker than it should be due to never being shampooed.

The people that live in the house appear to have differing views on how often the house should be cleaned. Daily, the blond girl that lives there gets home talking on her phone, kicks her shoes off into one of the piles, dumps her book bag on the floor, then either sits down on the couch to spread her school work out on the coffee table, or goes straight to her room, ignoring the mess in the common living area. While she seems to contribute to the mess, like everyone does, it is rare that she moves anything or cleans anything up unless it is convienient for her.

The other inhabitants of the house don't seem to care about this too much. They pick up after themselves, and keep most of their belongings in their rooms. They also have desks in their rooms, so they can do their school work there instead of leaving it spread all over the living room. For the most part they try to maintain the house.

The guy that lives here routinely comes home and looks disgusted. He cleans sometimes, but is also guilty of leaving some of his belongings out. He makes sure to tuck them away so that they are not in the way, but still contributes to the mess. His room is incredibly messy, but not dirty. The blond girl's room is fairly clean and picked up, while the other two have a moderate amount of mess in their personal areas.
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