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=====First Task: My Perspective=====
One night last semester around midnight, my roommate was working on homework and I was putting my laundry away. We weren't blaring music or causing a big ruckus or anything, just minding our own business, getting things done, and talking with one another. Low and behold, a few minutes later, we get a knock at our door from the guy who lives below us asking us to keep it down. He specifically said, "it sounds like there are elephants up here." I got upset because this was the second occurence that he had approached us about and, this time, it happened to be on the weekend. I explained to him what we were doing and that it hardly involved any noise whatsoever. After he was done complaining, my roommate and I talked about the ordeal amongst ourselves. We concluded that he should invest in some ear plugs and realize that it is the dorms that we live in!
=====Second Task: His Perspective=====
It was a Saturday night, around 11:30 p.m., when the noise began and it was obviously from the girls who live above me. I had to get up early in the morning because I had a long trip home and I needed to get some sleep. The sounds carried on, as if they were moving furniture and slamming drawers. I put up with it for about a half an hour, until it was midnight, and thought that was long enough. It was the second time this had happened and I knew if I didn't do anything about it now, it would never stop. I went up there and the red-head came to the door. I told them to keep it down because people were trying to sleep and that I had to get up in a few hours. They denied the noises that I had heard and said that they were hardly doing anything, stating that one was doing homework and the tall one was putting laundry away. I wasn't in the mood to argue so I politely asked them to try to be quiet and was on my way.
=====Third Task: Neighbor's Perspective=====
From my room, I can tell when the occupants of the rooms on the third floor come and go and can usually hear the commotion. From my account, I have noticed that the girls who live beside me have been visited, two times now, by the individual who lives below them. I can recall the second time when it was a Saturday night and not too much was going on. It seemed to be relatively quiet next door to the girls but, for some reason, they had annoyed the guy from downstairs. I had heard his voice at about 12:00 a.m. that night when he came up, in his pajamas with his hair messed up, and confronted the girls. He asked them in a casual manner to have some respect and to please keep it down because he was getting up early in the morning. I don't know if it resolved the problem but he hasn't been back since.
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