My Perspective

This summer I worked at a golf course. Each week my boss would send us emails and hold meetings about the rules of the golf course and how he would like us to keep it organized and managed. One rule that must strictly be followed is-- do not let children under 7 ride on the gold carts. To make the point even more known, the manager made a large hand written sign above the register saying that no one under 7 years of age would be allowed to ride on the golf carts. It is part of our policy as employees to ask each customer purchasing a cart if they have any children riding on the cart. One day a woman came in and I asked her how I could help her. She wanted a round of golf and a cart, and she would have no children joining her. I quickly rang the woman up and gave her the golf cart key. Soon after the woman left the club house, a large group came in and I was swamped with customers. Through the window, I saw the woman take her baby and set its baby carrier on the leather seat and drive to the first hole. My boss, sitting in his office, saw the whole thing and instantly jumped out of his seat and confronted me on why I would let the woman make it to the first hole. While waiting on customers, I tried to explain to him that I did ask the woman if she had children and she said no, and there wasn’t much I could do about the situation because I was the only one working inside. Thinking to myself, why couldn’t he go confront the woman, he was just sitting in his office starring out the window, while I was trying to help 20 customers at once.

His Perspective

His perspective
What a great day for people to play golf, I thought before I rotated on my roll chair to look out the window. I had been answering emails all morning long and as I starred out the window, I saw a woman, holding a baby carrier with a child inside towards a golf cart. There is no way she is getting in the cart, I thought, because we have a strict policy on children at this course. The woman got in the cart and I could only stare because how could someone endanger their child’s life like that? I then got up from my chair and when straight to the counter where my employee was swamped with customers. (maybe if she worked faster their wouldn’t be such a long line) I then asked her nicely why she let her on the course she responded that she was really busy with customers and that there was nothing she could do. I made a mental note, send out another email about our policies, and if they don’t start to be enforced, people will start loosing their jobs. Then I turned around and walked away.

Balcony Perspective

When I walked into the golf course, there was a huge line. It was really hot outside, but I wanted to play mini golf anyways. As I waited, the girl at the counter seemed to be working at a good pace, but still there was a long line. A man came running out of the back office and went right up to the girl working the counter. He began to scold her about something that a previous customer had done. The girl, looking flustered handing the next woman in line her change and continued onto the next customer. The man stormed away, he didn’t look happy.

Notes and Reflections

The first paragraph, are my own thoughts, so they do have strong emotions, and they are biased because it is a situation that I encountered not looking at other's points of view. It was harder to write the second version because I don't want to admit that maybe there could be another side to the situation I experienced. The third paragraph seemed to be the most objective because it was from someone not in the argument's point of view.
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