The Conflict

The recent conflict I had was at work when a customer from out of town came in and wanted to trade in some games for cash. Unfortunately the GameStop in Grand Rapids doesn't do cash. We only trade in credit for we don't have a pawn broker license so I offered him the location to the nearest GameStop that does cash for game trades and even a pawn shop in town. I told him the amount he would get in cash if he decided to do the trade in with GameStop and thats when the guy snapped and yelled at me saying and I quote "Highway Robbery". All I could do was say I'm sorry as he continue to yell at me and even plead to me for it was for his medication but there was nothing I could do.

The Other End

I went into GameStop to trade in some old games for cash for I needed the money for my medication. I went into the store and told the employee and he told me that this GameStop doesn't do cash but he gave me the nearest GameStop location that did do cash which was Hibbing and he even gave me a pawn shop location that was in town here too, he offered to tell me the amount I would get in cash for my games to save me the time of going to Hibbing and being disappointed but I didn't think I would be until he told me that I would only get 13 dollars in cash for my games. I snapped and yelled at him telling him that it was highway robbery and how could he sleep at night robbing people. I even pleaded with him for a better deal but all he could say was he was sorry and there nothing he can do on his end and the company doesn't bargain. I grabbed all my games and bolted out of the store.

The Balcony View

I saw a guy come into GameStop to trade in some games, the employee and guy talked for awhile until something the employee said upset the guy and the guy yelled at him for highway robbery and the employee tried to apologized but the guy wouldn't listen and grabbed his games and bolted from the store.
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