Balcony View Assignment

A couple of weeks ago my boss(Jennie), and I got into an argument at work.


The employees were told by the owner of Snap Fitness that we were able to get a free month membership at his gym because my boss does promotions with him. When a coworker went over to snap to pick up a free membership for herself and me, my boss came to work and flipped out on me for getting the membership without her consent and she and I got into a big argument at work in front of the coworker.

My Take

"Josh said when he came in for a haircut that we all got a month free membership with his gym. You were standing right there when he said it and now you're saying that we shouldn't have gotten it. I'm not gonna stand here and let you yell at me and Michaela when we didn't do anything wrong. We were just picking up what we were told is ours. You know what forget it. You can keep the stupid memberships. I want nothing to do with you, Josh and the Snap Fitness promotions anymore.

My Boss' Take

"What makes you think that you two had the right to go over there and get a Fitness pass for free? What Josh and I do on a business stance is between he and I. I am so humiliated and now I have to fix this mess that you have created. He probably won't wanna do business with me anymore."

Michaela, my co-worker, caught in the middle listening to the entire argument. She was very uncomfortable and stared off into the background while trying to hold her tongue while listening to us banter back and forth. Which eventually ended in me saying "Screw this, I'm out". And my Boss saying, "You can pack up your things and leave for the day!"

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