My Side of the Story
A few days ago I went to the DVS center downtown to renew my license. I had been there previously a few weeks earlier but had been turned away due to the expiration date on my license being too far off. The lady at the counter took my information and looked at me rather quizzically, biting her lip. Instantly, the thought of this cannot be happening again came to my mind but I brushed it off thinking things would work out today. Needless to say, the lady told me that I should come in after Labor Day if I wanted to get my license earlier than six weeks. I think I finally understand everybody's hatred of renewing their licenses and it only took until my twenty first birthday.

The Clerk's Side of the Story
It was just another day at the DVS center when this guy with a sort of grown out beard walks in. I thought I had seen him a few weeks before, but it was not until he told me his name and reason for coming in that I realized I sent him away a few weeks ago because his license wasn't to expire for another four weeks. I was not quite sure if the information on his card was still valid, so I checked through everything again only to realize that he could not renew today without having to wait a month and a half. I did what I had to do and sent him away. Of course, it was not until a few minutes later I would be calling him again seeing as he would be turning twenty one on Labor Day, just three days away.

The Guy Sitting in the Center's Side of the Story (Balcony Perspective)
I was applying for a trucking license when this scruffy looking kid walks in. Why do I have to recount my part of the story? I don't have anything to do with this...
Alright fine.
So this kid walks in looking all in a huff about something and he's sitting there patiently, waiting for the girl at the counter to renew something. Probably his twenty first in a week or two, I don't know. Anyways, the girl at the counter tells him something that takes the color out of his face and he calmly tells her it's okay as he turns around to leave. The girl looks a bit distraught before looking at the paper again: she realizes something and briskly walks to the back room to make a phone call. Seriously, I have nothing to do with this, can I go now?
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