Balcony View Exercise

A Critical Stance: The View from the Balcony

This exercise ties in with chap. 3 of Stoner and Perkins. Before reading the chapter, compose a few paragraphs.

Go to your WikiName page and create a new page titled BalconyView - followed with your initials, eg BalconyViewMCM. Do this exercise on that page.

First, recall a recent interpersonal interaction you had that involved some sort of conflict. Use a particular occasion and interaction, not a general one, and this should be real, not a fiction. Recount that incident in a paragraph or two. Not too brief. You want some detail. Take about 10 - 15 minutes.

Then, write about the same episode, but this time from the perspective of the other person involved in the conflict. Again, take about 10 - 15 minutes.

Finally, recount the same episode, this time from the perspective of someone in the balcony, watching the interaction from above.

Now read chapter 2 in Stoner and Perkins, then return to what you have written for this exercise after you read the chapter.

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