My Perspective

I was walking out of the building and over to lunch after my last class of the day. I realized that just a few feet ahead of me was a girl I graduated high school with. We never talked in high school but I decided to say hi. She was holding the door when I decided to approach her. Before I said anything she turned her head the opposite direction when she saw me and completely ignored me. I thought that what she did was very rude when I never did anything to her or to make her react that way. It was only today that we finally said hi to each other. I'll never know why she reacted that way.

Her Perspective

I was done with my business on that end of campus. I was walking out of building and holding the door for someone to walk through when I saw something interesting in the corner of my eye. I turned to look in that direction when I heard someone say hi to me. When I turned to look at the person, she had already walked away. Later I realized it was a girl I had graduated from high school with.

Balcony View

I was walking to my class when a girl, walking in the opposite direction, held the door for a few people. I noticed another girl also going in the same direction as the first girl. The second girl said "hi" to the first girl. I'm guessing they knew each other.the first girl who was holding the door turned her head and ignored the second girl. I thought that was rude of her to ignore someone she knew but perhaps she got distracted and didn't see the girl walk by and say "hi".

Notes and Reflections

Being a writer helped me with this exercise. Writing from different characters' points of view helped me to accomplish this task because it was about looking at things from different perspectives and points of view. Knowing who the other person was, it was easy to imagine what could have been happening on their side of the story and I was quickly able to write what may have happened. For my perspective it was easy to write what happened on my part. For the balcony view, I combined the two perspectives and wrote what an outsider might have seen.

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