1) Once in December of 2009, I traveled to walmart after a recent snowstorm to do some Christmas shopping. Upon arrival in the parking lot, it was apparant that the lines of parked cars were getting horribly skewed from not being able to see the lines through the snow. I drove down on aisle and found an empty spot. Not a great spot, the person parked across from me had pulled 5 feet further ahead than was nessesary, increasing the skew in the line of parked cars and taking up 1/4 of my space. Nevertheless, I settled for the spot and went inside to go about my business.
About two hours later I came out (I am a horribly slow shopper) and walked with my winnings to my parked truck. When I got there everything was as I had left it, including the car parked in front of me that had pulled too far ahead, with one new factor. Sometime during my time in the store, a person had driven down the next isle over and parked behind the car in front of me. This made three cars parked end to end, with the origional one sandwhiched in the middle and blocked in on both sides by more parked cars. "How stupid of the person," I thought, "to park like that when there were clearly all ready two cars there. It would have been obvious he was blocking the other person in. Sucks to be the guy in the middle..."
About the time I finished that thought I got close enough to see that the owner of the middle vehicle, a homely middle aged woman, was sitting in her car waiting. "Wow, that really sucks, I wonder how long the poor lady has been out here" I thought to myself. "That other guy who blocked her in is a real jackass." As I was putting my purchases in my truck I didn't even notice the lady get half out of out of her car until she started screaming. In an instant I realized what was going on, she thought I was the jerk who blocked her in. She was cussing and swearing as if the whole world was blowing up. I couldn't get a word in edgewise to my defense and finally shook my head and decided to leave her to her apparent misery. Without so much as a finger I calmly walked over to my drivers door, told her sternly but without shouting that I was here second and that it was the other guy who blocked her in, and drove off. Much to my amusement, as soon as I pulled out of my spot another car swooped right into it, thinking he had scored a great spot close to the door. "Hope has has a bumper gard" I thought as I drove away.

2) I was doing some christmas shopping one year after a big blizzard has just passed through. Parking at walmart was nuts, lucky for me I got a spot close to the door. I went in and did my shopping, and when I came out, I found my car blocked in by two assholes on both sides. Where the hell did these people learn how to drive? I sat in my car waiting for one of them to come out, and the longer I waited the more pissed off I got. When finally a young kid came over to the truck in front of me, I decided to give him an earful. He obviously wasn't very old, but when I stepped out menstration was in full swing and I started swearing and screaming, telling him about what a fucking retard he was and that he should go back to driving school. He looked at me for a few seconds and then walked over to his drivers door, yelled back that he was here second and that the person behind me was the one who blocked me in, and left. Still pissed, I sat down in my car again just in time to watch a new car pull right into the spot the kid had just left. This was a bad day.

3) From the vantage of the walmart parking lot scurity cameras, I see an interaction happen one day in december after a snowstorm has whited out the whole parking lot and all of the guidlines painted on it. Parked cars were having a heck of a time keeping any sort of order without lines to guide them. Somewhere towards the front, a car pulled into an open spot. The driver pulled a ways too far into the spot in front of her, in comparison to the cars to her right she was exactly in the middle of them. She apparently didn't notice and went inside to do her shopping. Shorty, a truck came driving up and parked in what was left of the spot in front of her car. He also went inside to shop. Then, a third truck came and pulled into the area behind the lady's car. This looked rediculous from above, but down on the ground things were chaos and the driver walked into the store to shop. Of course the lady came out to find her car thoroughly blocked in by these two trucks. She angrily got into her car and waited. The second driver came out to his truck and put his purchases inside. The lady stepped out of her car far enough to begin yelling and screaming at the young man. He looked at her, first bewildered and then by the expression on his face realised what the lady was assuming. He walked over to his drivers door and told her he was not the one to block her in, and then left. Before the lady could get into her car and drive out, another car swiftly pulled into the vacated spot. That lady was obviously not having a good day.

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