Balcony View

Argument with Mom

My Point of View

I was getting ready to purchase a new bed for my new townhome with my mom. So I went out to four or five different furnisher stores to price out mattresses and frames. My mom wanted me to get a twin bed, but I wanted to get a full size bed. My argument was that the full size mattress was only about 80 dollars more than the twin. Also I am six foot and one inch tall, and I would like to be able to spread out while I sleep. I was moving into the townhome with my girlfriend of over a year, and I don’t think that my mom approved, and she defiantly didn’t want to buy me a bigger bed. So we argued and I finally gave in and got a twin mattress. The argument was over, after we got back I argued for returning it and getting a full, but gave up from frustration.

Mom's Point of View

I am getting ready to buy a new bed for my 19 year old son, who moved off campus this semester. So I sent him out to go price twin size mattresses so that we could find the best deal on a billow top mattress. I want to get him a pillow top, because he has a bad back and needs good support. Then he wants to get a bigger mattress, why? You don’t need a bed bigger than a twin for one person. I am not going to buy a bed for him to sleep in with his girlfriend. Then after we got the mattress and brought it home he still tried to argue with me and I just got mad at him for trying to force it.

Balcony view

From up in the balcony I can see Anthony driving all over town for a couple of hours searching for the best price on a mattress. He was sent out by his mom to look at prices for twin mattresses, but he also was looking at full size mattress prices. When Anthony got back he told his mom the prices of twin and full size mattress, which annoyed Deb, because she only wanted to know the prices of the twin size beds. Anthony argued that he would pay the difference in the price, but Deb would not let him, because she was angry that he was even trying to get a bigger mattress. Anthony was being disrespectful by arguing with her when she was the one who was purchasing the bed for him. Then they went to the store and bought a twin mattress and brought it home. Later that night Anthony brought up the argument complaining why does it make a difference? To which she responded that she wasn’t very happy about the situation and didn’t want to talk about it then. She was angry and frustrated as was Anthony. Then Anthony not wanting to have an uncomfortable situation and make things worse dropped it and never mentioned it again.

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