Balcony View Exercise

The situation: When my mom found out I had two tattoos.

Interpersonal Interaction From My View

I was sick of wearing one piece suits around her all summer, so when we went swimming at Sagamore Lake one day, I decided to wear my bikini. The only problem was that she didn't know about my second tattoo before this. I figured her reaction couldn't be that bad, since her reaction to the other one wasn't. She saw it while we were still at her house getting things packed up for the lake: towels, sunscreen, all that jazz.

She saw it and immediately frowned, then asked me when I got that one. I told her that when I got it doesn't matter. I said, "I like tattoos, and I like my tattoos. Other people have complimented me on my tattoos. And they make me happy. Isn't my happiness what's most important?"

She replied, "Not necessarily."

Needless to say, I did not go with her to the lake that day.

The Interaction From My Mom's View

I didn't notice it at first, because it was sort of small, but she definitely got another tattoo. She knows how I feel about them, they're trashy and she'll regret it later on. I asked her when she got that one, since I had seen the one on her ankle a few months ago. She was trying to distract me from the situation, but she knows that I'm not okay with her getting tattoos. I can't believe she got them.

She probably wasted a ton of money on them, too, and she'll have no one to blame but herself when she's older and doesn't like them anymore. I don't even want to go to the lake anymore, I'm just so angry right now. I wonder if Abi knew before I did. She probably did, they tell each other everything. But they never tell me what's going on in their lives.

Balcony View of the Interaction

The house was abuzz with movement and people grabbing things from a bunch of different spaces. They were loading up some bags with different things, like some snacks and towels. It looked like they were going to the lake. Oh, yep, there's the swim suits. These people were definitely going swimming. The older women stopped and stared at the younger woman, then said something. The younger woman replied to her, but the older woman did not like the answer guessing from her expression, and said something back that angered the younger woman.

The bags were abandoned in the kitchen by the older woman on the counter, then she went upstairs and didn't come back down. The younger woman rolled her eyes and grabbed a can of soda, before heading downstairs and not coming back up. Everyone else sort of dispersed after that, and whatever plans that were made did not happen.
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