In the Balcony writing task one- (Recounting a interaction involving conflict.)

I recently started a new job at a convenience store on the south side of town. I've worked with food almost all my life so getting out of that setting was exciting to me. However, I did not pick up the tasks of the job as quickly or easily as I would have liked. I was not used to the speed of the job, and the large amounts of money that passed through my hands every hour. Plainly put I just did not dig the job. I confronted my new boss about the issues. I met him through my old job and when a position opened up I left my old job and started working for him. When I confronted him he was baffled about why I was having such a difficult time. I don't think he understood that the job atmosphere just wasn't clicking with me. He gave me examples and stories and eventually convinced me to stick it out. He gave me examples such as a flexible work schedule, and plenty of hours to be had. I am not seeing any of those characteristics from the job however this now being my fourth week at work. However, it is a job and a paycheck. It will pay rent for now, but I surely would enjoy another job at another venue in the near future.

In the Balcony writing task two- (Rewriting the conflict from the other perspective.)

The other day I was working my usual shift at the convenience store I manage. I have had a few employees skip out and quit on me lately and I've hired a few new people to fill the void. However, one of the new hires confronted me and told me he wanted to chat. We went to the cooler and he explained to me that he was not liking the job so far. I explained to him that he was about to start only his third shift and that there were plenty of reasons to stay around. I explained to him I had been in his position already and I have gotten as far as I am today. I think he understood my preaching and went a long on his week of training. I have not heard much from him since however he is still coming to work when scheduled.

In the Balcony writing task three- (Rerewriting the conflict from a third person perspective.)

I was just getting to work at the convenience store I work at. Just shifting in the new guy I was training came in for his shift as well. Our manager was there and before the new recruit punched in he asked if he could chat with the manager before he punched in. Because he did not want to talk in front of us I knew that something was up. I wondered if something was wrong or if I had done something wrong while training him. I may have been a little intense in my training, but that is my personality. Also, I am so tired of people not doing their job correctly, or not at all. Eventually, I found out that the new kid wasn't sure about the job and didn't know how much longer he would stick around. He's still around so far, but the manager has not heard much from him since the chat.
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