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REAL tab | establishes the university's credibility through the use of the longevity (been around since 1919) coupled with three active links that serve as exhibits in evidence.

GLOBAL tab | creates an argument for the university to be considered a globally aware community by talking about the diverse cultures that combine to make the social community at the university. Three active links on the right hand side of the page reinforce this agrument by working as evidence of the university's diversity. The Native American in the image in full dress establishes the fact BSU encourages cultural diversity, and cultural enhancement.


AWARE tab | uses Aristotle's deliberative style of rhetoric by talking about the future in terms of energy use and technologies coming together in the context of the university. The image of the modern windmill reinforces the context on this tab. Also, the links that correspond with the "Aware" tab correspond with the logistics of green energy and reinforce the importance of the university's stance on green energy.


THE PLACE TO BE tab | Establishes an enthusiastic state of mind through the use of enthymematic phrases of positive "BE" statements; implying, for example, that a prospective student can Be Brave or Successful at Bemidji State; thus putting the viewer in a receptive state of mind to be persuaded by the subsequent arguments. The image further establishes the image of the university as a great place to be more than a student. There are things to do in Bemidji besides being indoors in classrooms.

REAL tab | The image of the two women in close conversation creates an enthymemactic argument to reinforce the credibility by playing off memories of one-on-one conversations, inviting the user to insert themselves in that relationship. By using an older woman and a younger woman the image implies a teacher to student relationship, again playing on the pathos of the intimate relationship a prospective student would have here.

Notes on overall appeal
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BSU website overall purpose

What is the main appeal that this website is using?

Ethos? Does this website use mostly the Rhetor's (BSU's) credibility as the main draw to come here?
Pathos? Does this website play mostly on the audience's emotions with his web page? Would that be a main draw to come here?
Logos? Reason. Is the Rhetor showing a reasonable argument overall absed on text and images for a prospective student to attend BSU?

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