Rhetor Roles

Rhetor takes an active role

Reader/Audience roles

Reader takes a passive role
you are looking for.
-acceptance - as if you are already part of the group here and they are explaining how it will be
- "year round sports" words used to tiptoe around the winter part of the year
where are academic shots? Actual people learning?
TONE: Informative, somewhat formal, but also casual or friendly-like

other text includes
-links for levels of education and different situations
-contacting the school: not limited to just a phone number
-resources: interesting partents corner.
-Related links: ways to get to the school, serious prospective students (why put this under related links and not contact us links?)

Opening Sentence: appeals to parents and advisors. begs the reader for scholarly and academic integrity and credibilty. Text meaning is lost in frivolity of the chosen images. they do not support each other.

laid-back personality - half ass "bus driver" type guide
inclusive to broad audience


Pictures of the people kyacking and the people sitting together suggest that the atmostphere of BSU is friendly, open and accepting.
-Pictures are taken at eye level, there is no arial.
Lack of winter pictures..secret??
"Global" - is 1 of 3 key words used, but not well illustrated..."One world" not picked up anywhere
all pictures show caucasian other ethnicities..except for the "Global" tab

mostly directed at those that don't already attended the university. The informtion content is lakcing. Appeal to emotions, its -possible to "be" a part of all these situtaions posed by the designer. quick persuaive blurbs. A sophistcated slide show- volentary. lists links that would other wise not be as straight forward to a new student (right side). most of these links are local community positive attributes surrounding, gifted, or promoting the university. Showing off the university- and its relationship with its students, local community, and an attempted connection with the world on a global scale. has advertising qualites.

design is young hip modern- colors appeal to young peple.
the photo is fixed with photoshop and replicated.

Main page: bright colored tabs encourage you to click them before you read/click other links within the page
6 top links are where your eye is drawn next..but there is nowhere for a potential student - advisor to go
6 landing pages are not standing out, eye is not drawn to them especially
once one if Landing pages has been click, audience is encouraged to continue clicking through all 6

Group C is made up of:
Justin W.
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