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- The theme of diversity carries over from the main page into the text on the Landing Pages. On Campus Life, Offices, and Alumni this though is lacking (on campus life though the picture shows something that could be conisdered diverse).
- On the Offices Landing Page. There is a girl and two guys. This is one of the few pages that shows a girl. Also one of the guys looks as though he is a forgein student.
- On the Be Global pane of the Main Page. There is a picture of a native american in cermonal dress. The text talks about mixing both native heratige and world cultures. Also talksa bout a "bond between diverse cultures." There is also a link about "Visiting Chinese instructor embraces Bemidji State", "American Indian Resource Center" and "International Program Center."
- On the Be real pane on the Main Page. There is a picture of two women.
- On the Admissions Landing Page. They talk about attracting "top students from around the world" and also they talk about a "intemate environment that fosters diversity."
- On the Academic Landing Page. They talk about a "diverse" system when refering to MNSCU. Also states "prepares students for life-long learning and leadership in a global society."
- On the Alumni Landing Page there is a noticable lack of anything talking about diversity in the text.
- Unstated theme that flows throughout the whole site is the "Beaver Pride" with the dress of many of the people in the pictures being bemidji green and some even having BSU logo or BSU on them. On the banners in center of the page it is a Bemidji green. There is a total of 5 mentions of Bemidji State University or BSU on the pages template.
- On Main Page we see many greens that are kinda close to the BSU green. Also all the landing page links and the motto are both in Bemidji Green.
- On Admissions page there is a picture of the band. In the picture you can see BSU written twice as well as a BSU jersy and shirts with the Bemidji green.
- On Alumni text the phrase "BSU" and "Bemidji State University" is used 4. In the picture on the right of the page shows bucky(school's mascot) waving a BSU flag. In the background is clearly the BSU football team ready for a game.
- On Campus life its dropped as "Lake Bemidji", "BSU", "Bemidji", "University" Also has the same band picture as on the Admissions page.
- Outside of BSU today there is a huge theme in the pictures. This is the fact that all the people are looking happy and lots o' big smiles.
- We can see parallelism in the repetition of the "Be ..." theme that helps each page flow to the other.
- Theme of Nature - nature is tame, clean and not wild
- Threw all pages colors are of a natural pallete. They are all earthy tones and generally greens. Even the schools colors portray this earthy feeling. Also there is a common theme of casual clothes throughout the pictures. There is also a lack of any mention or showing of hunting or fishing. There is no mention of the winter and only one picture (in a banner that goes between 4 pictures) is there even snow visable.
- On Main page there starts out with a picture of a lake and on the other pane it is a group of students relaxing in nature. On the Aware pane we see a picture of windmills in a field of grass. There is no nature on the Real pane. The only sign of nature on the Global page motivates feelings of nature via the use of an Native American in Ceremonial Dress (do to the animisim of native american religious/philosophical ideas linked to the dress). The text on the main pages lacks any direct mention of nature, though on the Aware pane the Links and Pictures lead you to believe that it is related to nature.
- On the Admissions Landing Page. The Picture on the left is only of a tree its a nature shot. In the picture on the right there are clearly visable trees behind the band that is playing. In the text it talks about the intimate envronment which somewhat brings out the feeling of nature. In the right picture they are playing their instruments in nature which shows a closer connection with nature.
- On Academic its not stated in the text but there is a girl wearing what looks like more natural clothes and the right picture has a large tree in it.
- On the Campus Life Landing Page. "Wooded shores", "scenic lifestyle", "active outdoor recreations centers" are all mentioned in the text. Nature is not mentioned when they talk about the "neighboring city of Bemidji". Pictures show lots o' nature in their depictions of campus actives while repeating picture from the Admissions page.
- On the Offices Landing Page. There is nothing in the text to seem like its referring to nature. The pictures though show nature in the picture that is repeat of the one on the Academic page and also the other one clearly shows a lake and a tree.
- On the Alumni Landing Page. The picture on the left side is the same as the picture from Admissions Landing page except this time it shows what is going on on the right side of the picture and shows some people on a path. On the right nature is less prevolent but we can see it with blue sky being visable as well as the numerous trees.
- On the BSU Today page. One picture is just of a building no real nature there. Two of the pictures have some trees visable but nothing too importent. The 4th picture is most interesting in that it shows winter something that has beenlacking so far. In the picture its also perfectly white with small snow drifts.
- Lack of MNSCU even being stated other then in the footer.
- On academics page refered to as a "statewide system of higher education."

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