BSU Homepage As An Argument

Each aspect deserves 5 - 7 sentences or points each. Perhaps more. As Longaker notes, understanding a rhetorical message depends on understanding the presuppositions in which that specific message and the interaction is embedded.

A Description of the Artifact

- The webpage as a whole: menu/options are set right up at the top of the page, with a search bar to the right of the last menu (BSU News). The school's logo and name sit above that, in white text surrounded by a green background. In a dark blue little square in the top right corner are two other menus; MyBSU and Offices and Services, both written in white text again. When the page first pops up, five "portholes" or circles with faces on/in them are right in the center, but slightly staggered in a way where the one on the left is the highest and the one on the right is the lowest. As you scroll down, the faces disappear and a new set of menus rolls up. The first title you see is "What's Happening: [The day's date]," followed by news articles right below that. That's followed by the day's events (which all seem t be on campus), set out horizontally, and is set above another set of what I assume are links to more information, ranging from registration and admissions to a safety, and at the very bottom is contact information; email, phones, address, etc.

The Implied Rhetor

From the artifact, what can you infer about the implied rhetor? Not just demographic info but values, beliefs, knowledge ...

the intended addressee

From the artifact, what can you infer about the intended addressee? Again, not just basic info but values, beliefs, knowledge ... And in this case, what the intended address is expected to do to work with the page.

the occasion

From the artifact, infer the specific occasion. This is part of kaios, along with the exigence. Something occasions the rhetor to tweet and so shapes the text. The background image, the portraits, and the text associated with the portraits change regularly. That's going to be a signal of the occasion and the exigence.

the exigence

From the artifact, infer the exigence.

the kind of discourse

Deliberative, judicial, epideictic. There are three kinds of discourse involved: one in words and text, and another in image, and a third in interaction. Consider the menu items: Academics, Admissions, etc, and the text that appears in the panel that appears when a user rolls over a menu item. That's text discourse.

the forum and genre

The forum is the web, and the genre is university home page.

the physical material

Consider here the interaction of scrolling to bring the panel into view, moving the mouse indicator over menus, clicking on the images, what happens when a user rolls over a menu item.

the presuppositions

Draw on what you have inferred from your consideration above to consider the presuppositions. The more you develop this, the more you will understand the text and how it works rhetorically.

the issue or question

From the artifact, and what you have considered above, infer the issue or question that this specific set of images address.

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