Texts of the BSU Web banner
as of 12 Feb 2008

Be aware.
Eyes open. Optimistic. Engaged. The University provides the touchpoint for people, new technologies, and ideas that explore our full potential to shape the future.

By shedding light on the unknown, we pursue more than mere knowledge. We elevate awareness of ourselves, our communities, and our world.

Be real.
Sincere, Steadfast. Authentic. The qualities we admire in people are the same in institutions. A part of Minnesota since 1919, BSU cultivates the critical link between education, community, and business that helps each to prosper and enrich our lives.

Be global.
With a large community that mixes both native heritage and world cultures, BSU celebrates our shared human values of mutual respect and global awareness.

Strengthening the bond between diverse cultures, our welcoming, intimate environment enables us to discover and engage with the larger world.
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