Upon opening the page, a popup shows that states in small text, "What's Happening: September 20, 2016."
The popup displays four items of interest directly under the text, with the option of viewing more. Under that,
there is a student calendar displaying items of interest that are occurring. Windows located under the student
calendar display various programs that may be of interest. A phone number and address are shown at the
bottom of the popup. After 15 seconds, the popup disappears. The image is an aerial photo that encompasses
Diamond Point, a portion of Lake Bemidji with a boat leaving a wake, the Football Stadium, and several
buildings that comprise the campus. There are also houses in the background and many trees. Green is
prominently displayed with the trees and banner bar. The banner bar's lettering is white and the largest
on the page. Under the banner bar there is a white website navigation bar with green lettering. Superimposed
on this background are five faces, situated on a left to right downward angle. Four of the five are white, the
man in the middle is black. There is one woman located second from the right. The faces expand after a
few seconds and reveal that they are either professors or instructors at the university. There is a little "bubble"
above their head stating an idealistic goal and who they are. The first person has a normal expression on
his face. The second guy looks like he's either shocked or thrilled, the black guy looks like he may be puzzled
or a little happy. The woman has a normal, happy expression on her face. Dr. Lee looks like he's slightly amused.
The navigation bar headings consist of about, academics, admissions, student life, athletic life, alumni, giving,
BSU news, and a search option. Each of these open sub-headings that describe various aspects of the heading.
To the right of the sub-headings are a photo depicting university life and a slogan that promotes the university.
The background of these are green. The website has a rather informal, but comfortable feel. The picture of the
professor with the goofy look on his face reinforces this.

From the artifact, what can you infer about the implied rhetor? Not just demographic info but values, beliefs, knowledge ...

The implied rhetor is the university. The demographic information should be fairly consistent with the population
of the town. The values include education, knowledge, and a "can do" attitude. The beliefs are optimistic - new faculty
on campus, change the world from a small town - as stated by two of the professors. The post card like photo suggests
a wholesome, small town atmosphere.

From the artifact, what can you infer about the intended addressee? Again, not just basic info but values,
beliefs, knowledge ... And in this case, what the intended address is expected to do to work with the page.

The intended addressee actually encompasses many diverse people of all ages. For example, a young fan
could check the athletics tab in the navigation bar to obtain information on where to buy tickets. Another
could be an aging alumni desiring information on how to donate. In all probability the majority of the
intended addressees will be potential students, their parents and actual students. I think these people value
education (or at least interested in it), and a small town atmosphere that is affordable. I'm not sure how to
answer this last part, but all one needs to do to find the information they're looking for and click a mouse
on the appropriate panel. This appears to be designed primarily to promote the university to potential
students. The professors are promoted at the forefront of the website to showcase the university's academic
purpose. The panels with the photographs at the bottom of the page are oriented toward new or potential

From the artifact, infer the specific occasion. This is part of kaios, along with the exigence. Something
occasions the rhetor to tweet and so shapes the text. The background image, the portraits, and the text
associated with the portraits change regularly. That's going to be a signal of the occasion and the exigence.

The occasion in this instance is the beginning of another school year. The changing portraits convey messages
that suggest newness, the future and change. When something is just beginning, anything's possible. The
rhetor is using the beginning of a new school year, its professors and messages of affordability, vitual tours
and "best decision ever" to place the university as a positive, competent entity.

From the artifact, infer the exigence.

The exigence is the promotion of the university to new and potential students. The faces draw you to them when
you scroll over them. The virtual tour and picture of the people in the dorm room provide a look at campus life.
The aerial photograph of the campus also provides an idea of campus life.

Deliberative, judicial, epideictic. There are three kinds of discourse involved: one in words and text,
and another in image, and a third in interaction. Consider the menu items: Academics, Admissions,
etc, and the text that appears in the panel that appears when a user rolls over a menu item. That's text

The professor's heads pictured on the website are forms of judicial discourse. They were judged in the past
as qualified for the positions they hold.
Deliberative discourse occurs if an addressee clicks on desired information on the website and is spurred to
Epideictic discourse occurs in the form of text in several places and instances in the website. "Best decision ever"
is shown in the About portion of the navigation bar and also in an image of a female athlete. These are both
praising the university.

The forum is the web, and the genre is university home page.

One has to have a computer, tablet or phone and internet connectivity to access the forum and genre. Both forum
and genre are open to anyone meeting the criteria above, but only people with an interest in some aspect of the
university are likely to visit the BSU home page.

Consider here the interaction of scrolling to bring the panel into view, moving the mouse indicator over menus, clicking on the images, what happens when a user rolls over a menu item.

There is a lot of information on this webpage. It is very easy to navigate and find things. When moving the mouse over
menus, drop down menus appear with sub headings that contain specific information about the main category.
The pictures of the professors are highlighted - they're in the forefront of the site, and it's almost obligatory to
look at them.

Draw on what you have inferred from your consideration above to consider the presuppositions. The more you develop
this, the more you will understand the text and how it works rhetorically.

What I can presuppose here is that BSU is a business that wishes to promote itself by listing its accomplishments,
recommendation through student praise, affordability, a favorable ranking by U.S. News and World Report all
contained in a wholesome, small town setting. Additionally, the value of education can enable one to do many
things, such as change the world from a small town. The professors are ready to train prospective students for
the future; students simply have to take the next step and register.

the issue or question
From the artifact, and what you have considered above, infer the issue or question that this specific set of images address.
The specific issue from the rhetor's point of view I believe is this: If you are interested in going to college, we have much to
offer, so if you would like to go to an affordable, good school you should choose BSU.

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