About Me

I'm in my fourth year at BSU majoring in Physics and Computer Science, with minors in Math, Geology and Planetary Science. I spent two summers in NASA internship positions doing research on impact cratering, and this summer I will be programming for Digi-Key Corporation in Thief River Falls.

Some of the coolest adventures in my life have included climbing in the needles, canoeing the first 173 miles of the Mississippi, and living in Alaska during one of my internships. Outside of that, I have enjoy a variety of activities from painting to snowboarding. I enjoy picking up odd hobbies, like tarot cards or unicycling and tend to know a little bit about everything and act like I know a little more.

I'm pretty opinionated and not afraid to pipe in, but my opinions are generally toward tolerance and understanding because I feel you can't have a particular stance on a topic without first understanding the rational for the "other side".

I grew up in the Twin Cities suburb of North St. Paul (home of the largest stucco snowman in the world) and graduated in 2005 in a class of almost 500. My middle school crush turned high school prom date is now my boyfriend of four years as of this spring. He's going to school out west right now, but he and I are constantly in touch and he's become an important part of my life. My best friend since tenth grade is going to school here in Bemidji, she has had a very strong affect on many of my opinions and ideas about people and myself. We are as strong of opposing forces as we are attracting ones.



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