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- would those who comment on her posts then be the ratified participants, and by just reading the posts and comments mean I am the bystander?

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-- Analyzed by Mike




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Questions and Directives

Enacting Conversational Interaction


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This blog is filled with rhetorical questions, in which Scott typically asks the question and then answers it a humorous way, pointing out the obvious. These fall under "questions and directives," and "enacting conversational interaction." Also there are a lot of pop culture references from many different areas. He'll reference Kafka with no explanation or context, as if to say, "you either know who Kafka is or you don't, but I'm going to continue my story/rant." And he also references the Manning family, which I think adhered to his audience much better than Kafka. He's extremely critical of fast food restaurants and supermarket meat. He's a meat elitist in a way. I would compare him to someone who loves beer, and denounces Budweiser in favor of local/craft beers.

He's also trying to persuade his audience, to bring them closer to his view of things. Like I said before, he bashes on fast food and supermarkets, and in a post about E. Coli he definitely got me thinking about the quality of the ground beef I bought from Market Place.
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