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===== Audience Markers Warmup Exercise =====
refer to Myers, chap 6: Audience.

Start a new page on your own wikiname page: AudienceMarkersExercise - followed by your initials.

Use the two texts below, and make some notes analyzing each text using the headings that Myers uses in chap 6. Don't expect to find occurrences of every one of these elements. They are listed here for focus. Refer to Myers chap 6 for details.

address: specific mentions
using pronouns
referring to the audience
using questions and directives
enacting conversational interaction
presence of markers that draw on shared expectations and knowledge

[[ | Hey Amber Rae]]. Consider images, too.
[[ | Cog Dog]]. Again, consider how the embedded videos might be used as a technique for audience engagement

Copy and paste each text into your own page, then annotate, edit, rearrange, cut, and mark them up to highlight examples, add commentary, and reveal patterns. You're aiming for an analysis, so take the balcony stance, be neutral, fair, and complete - and use the concepts from Myers. Focus on what's happening in the text.

What you're watching for:

- What kind of audience markers are prevalent
- What patterns of use emerge
- How are the markers used
- How frequently
- The differences in kinds and use between the two samples

Keep Myers, chap 6 in front of you as you work.

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