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The author of Greek Crisis at blogspot is anonymous, so information on them as a person is obviously limited. The major push of their blog is to give readers the basic story on events from the perspective of an insider, a Greek. Posts are clear and to the point and rarely delve into personal attacks or opinions which are posted as clearly the opinion of the author. The information is presented to be taken as the thoughts of the common Greek. Posts are strongly anti-government, but once again, this is written in a format that works to give the impression that the majority of Greeks see it their way. The footing then is rather difficult to nail down as there are no exact ratified participants, but rather only bystanders and overhearers.

Below are a few notes taken from some of the longer posts, and one random link that was imbedded which is a straight threat to investors interested in buying Greek public lands from the government which I could not resist looking at and writing notes on.

To begin with the author's references to an audience, there are a few quotes below that show the manner that the author uses pronouns and mentions their fellow Greek or the government.

In terms of pronoun use and referring to audience, the blogger does not attempt personally connect themselves with the reader of the blog, but rather gives a blanke overview of what the protestors have been up to. Their opinion is stated but the connection to persuade the reader is muted, once agian reminding me of a new/journalistic style of writing.

Looking at questions and directives, politness, and enacting conversations.

There were not any direct questions as the blogger does not directly address their audience. With that being said, there were many instances in this post in which the author's content did work to enact a coversation.

Below is some information on a linked page which was linked to in Wednesday, December 15, 2010
Demonstrators clash with police, downtown Athens post.

LINK_WARNING TO INVESTORS A warning to Troica, banks and investors

Below is a section of the middle of the web page warning.
"We would like to inform those who consider this a potential investment opportunity that we shall not delay overturning this government which will soon account for its crimes against the people and the country. The government’s signatures and bills are legally void. The Greek people have not ratified them and by all means do not recognize them.
We warn every prospective investor not to even think of approaching an auction or sale of public property or land, and not even to consider buying it. Besides the fact that, as soon as we regain our country’s sovereignty, the investor will lose all purchased, the money spent for the illegal trade will not be reimbursed.
We also warn every prospective investor that until we regain control of our country, we will recur to all necessary actions via our self organization to annul and sabotage every investment, so that we defend our rights as these stem from the Greek Constitution and the internationally recognized rights of the people."

The author here is the animator as well as they are speaking for the Greek people as whole. The ratafied participants are the potential investors and the Greek people. The addressed audience are obviously the potential investors. In this link the style of addressing an audience is almost a complete flip from the Greekcrisis blogger. There is a directly ratafied participant and a directly addressed audience. The use of pronouns creates a sense of communal thoughts and promises, which does connect with the Greekcrisis blogger, but once again it is done in with a sense of direct involvement of the author, something not see in the Greekcrisis blogger. The potential investors are not so politely addressed/threatened, though the author's word usage is formal and almost judicial.

Excerpts which pertain to audience and enacting conversation
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