Hey Amber Rae

This is how I birthday. Reflecting on 28, Envisioning 29.


Putting final touches on #theworldwewant #Boulder edition with @farhadini. Feeling all tingly inside for it’s launch at the Success 3.0 Summit tomorrow. Sending love to the Chicago Ambassadors who are going live with their cube walls this week too! #Eee! (at Boulder Canyon)


"So what world do you want to live in?"

That’s the question I’m being asked most often as of late.

Here goes!

I want to live in a world where we create the space to hear ourselves—our soft whispers, our inner truth, our deepest longings—and we act and create from this place.

To create this world, I will listen to the quiet pull from within.

It’s this very conviction, and a longing to make self-reflection accessible and easy, that inspired me to create #theworldwewant.

In an age of tech overload and rising unfulfillment, where our days our filled with notifications and pings, many of us have lost touch with what truly matters. It’s going within that will guide us back home. It’s connecting to ourselves and each other that our way forward will reveal itself.

What world do you want to live in?

p.s. I just got 500 of these cards and I’m stoked!


Looking at the blog post the for Hey Amber Rae. Her post takes approach of a bystanders, ratified participant and over-hearers . She addresses in the over-hearer in the first post of her birthday post.

The image in her birthday post shows that she is directly communicating with another person but through her eyes thou so its a over-hearer as we are lurking in and being part of the interaction as she talks about what she did with her and how she reflects on being 28.

The second post of them putting the finishing touches to the #theworldwewant is a bystander approach as she doesn’t address but knows we are there and the image supports that too as we are standing to the side as we watch them put the finishing touches to the project.

The third post she addresses the person directly by using question and using pronouns “We create the space to hear ourselves.” The photo shows that its directly involving us and her holding the note is another way of her directly showing us want she wants in the world and showing the audience that there involved directly with the hand written font being us while the typed font is her. As well behind the note is poster saying “The World We Want” another way that it is directing to an audience.


I notice in her post she tends to use a lot of exclamation points when finishing some sentences mostly maybe a directive but it just seems to be her excitement more then anything and the flout of I birthday. the we could be third person.

Cog Dog


The post “When Your Presentation Turns Into A Gong Show” is a bystander and ratified participant when it comes to addressing the audience. He directs them by using questions and asking the audience what would you do in this situation and using the video from the Gong Show it does two things, The first thing it does is creates a audience for people who know what the Gong Show is would understand what he is talking about when it comes to talk about his presentation experience. So the people who seen the Gong Show are audience as well as people who ever done a presentation and choked up while trying to ad lib as you go. The second thing it does is the video shows how trying to cover up and act cool makes you look and sound like an idiot and showing his point by using the gong show as a reference where if you seen the show you would know that if the person gets three gongs he is eliminated. But last video proves his point more by using another Gong Show video. Where he says “If its going to be a Gong Show you might as well be Gene Gene.” This video shows if your gonna mess up you better mess up with style.

References the Gong Show as evidence to his story and how it felt like.

The second post I picked was called Loopy Its different from any of the other blog post for its just a post of a video called “For Aaron.” He does stated that he was trying to make a youtube video loop with iframe code so in this sense we are just over-hearers or bystanders to his little test he did with this video as we are just observing and not being directly involved with it. The video itself was hard to understand but from what I could gather it was a video message for Aaron and talking about how the internet has to no right or wrong answer only what you make true is right and both things can be true and with propaganda images asking questions like “Who Abesent? Is it you?” At the end of the video it ask the question “What is the most important thing I could be working on in the world right now? And if you’re not working on that, why aren’t you?” Kinda asking the audience the question what should they be doing right now. That the audio tend to loop as well when showing images of certain things like a echo or a repeat button before he continues on what he is talking about.
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