Arica Jolicoeur

Hello everyone!
I am Arica (Erica with an A) or Ari (Ahri). I may be one of the most bubbly people you will ever meet, some people really enjoy my personality others may cringe, but we are who we are and I know I won't ever change just because someone else doesn't accept me. I was raised in St. Paul, more specifically Frog Town near Como Park. I am an undergraduate student at Bemidji State, double majoring in Creative and Professional Writing and Mass Communication. Looking from a credit standpoint, I am a Junior. I live on campus as a PAA (Peer Academic Advisor) in Tamarack Hall. My dream is to have a piece I wrote on Broadway, or on "the big screen."


Course Assignments

1) WhatMakesThisRhetoricalAMJ
2) AspectsOfTheRhetoricalSituationAMJ
3) LookingAtTheTexualizedRhetSitAMJ - In a Tweet


1) ArgumentInTwoWebSitesAMJ

Contact Information

My email address is:

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