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===== Argument in Two Web Sites =====
There will be multiple pages to refer to for this project. This page will develop as the project develops, so check this page for updates.

We're going to adapt Longaker and Walker's ideas on argument (chap 3) and use them to consider how intended readers encounter an argument on select sections of two web sites: The current BSU website and the current SCUS website. We won't be looking at entire sites but focusing on select areas of each, areas that seem to be designed, at least in part, for promotional purposes.

For this project, you won't be writing a formal analysis but undertaking a set of explorations of some web pages and recording and developing what you see multiple sets of notes. From those notes, you'll be writing an overall summary.

**1. Start by reading and marking up Longaker and Walker, chap 3: Argument. **
We're focusing mainly on what L&W address as //practical reasoning// and how that tends to appear in the two web sites. You will need to be using the terminology and concepts from this chapter. Become familiar with the terms to start. Then dive into the first pass to practice using the terms and concepts. Mastering them takes time and practice, so give yourself both.

**2. Next, have a look at AnExampleOfNotesConsideringArgumentOnAWebsite. **
These are my roughly organized notes of a first pass through one of the webpages as a way of testing what elements to focus on. [Updated 26 Sep 2015]

**3. Next, go on to the exercise AFirstPassAtArgumentsOnWebSites. **
This is be due by **midnight, Mon 28 Sep**, so I can review and prep for our class meeting.

We will meet face to face Tuesday to discuss what you've found so far and get set up for the next move.

== considering ==
- A department page w/in BSU provides opportunity to see how another rhetor works with the over-all claim.
- Move over to the SCSU site to compare a page in the same design position.

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