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Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche
Just call me Andy. I'm currently working towards a BA and BFA major in English, as well as a BA in the Humanities, as well as a minor in Philosophy; or, as Morgan has already stated, I study anything 'worthy', although this is a biased declaration. I find the time and effort spent here is well-worth the struggle made to stay here.

In addition to four degrees, as it stands now, I also work two jobs, hold an internship--thanks going to practically one person in particular--and most importantly, I have two daughters: Mackenzie, 6, and Jazmyn, 4.

I'm nearly already the bend in my undergraduate studies; nearly a year and a half left. All's well that ends well, I suppose. Graduate school is certainly the focus and the primary objective on the agenda; as to where though, is the question at hand.


Fall '11|19th Century PhilosophyPhilosophy in LiteratureEthicsSem: Lit CritElecRhetoricInternship

Instead of a providing a generic list of musicians, music, and any other sites I frequently visit, I'd rather just present the links to the sites themselves. [update]

- Rolling Stone
- Philosophy Bro
- Blog of Shit
- Practical Ethics blog
- Unsure About Blog/Site
- Tim Graham's Blog

E-Mail - My e-mail
This is the most efficient way to reach me at any time. Typically I check this e-mail up to at least five times a day because I have important assignments and daily jobs to complete that are sent here.
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