Analyzing Pisteis on Three Web Home Pages

With NotesOnAnnotatingPisteisOfWebPages

On your chap 3 notes page, where you are taking notes for these ideas of pisteis, start a new heading for this exercise, titled
Find three web home pages that let you explain how the argument works, using the three appeals. Work with the home page of a site you choose.

Your job is to explain what specific page elements the rhetor uses to manage the argument of the site. You will find overlap - most elements will use two or all of the appeals. You'll need to tease out the strands in your analysis.

  1. To get started, you have to isolate a claim that the page makes. The more specific the better. State it. Be ready to change it if need be.
  2. Isolate the elements of the page - images, text, design, menu texts, layout, footer information, and other elements - that you think have some influence on how the claim is connected to presuppositions - some elements to work with.
  3. Then analyze how these elements work to prompt the intended audience to connect the element with the claim you have isolated, using ethos, pathos, and logos as your analytical terms.

You can organize your analyses of each site by pisteis, or by elements. But make each analyses extensive, complete, thorough.

Some Page Elements

Some notes

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