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An Introduction to Memes as a Rhetorical Vector

From the argument of presentational enthymemes to memes: The next few weeks, we'll look at one vector by which argument travels on the web: the meme.

for Tues 17 Oct

Start a new page - MemesChaps1to4 - followed by your initials. Compile notes from chapters 1 - 4 in Shifman. The chapters are brief because they are focused. Memes is not written as a textbook with heading-defined topics and sub-topics. so you have to extract a note-structure for each chapter. Use chapter titles for your main headings, and derive sub-headings from the topics that Shifman addresses. Watch specially for new terms and technical terms: those are probably going to be topics that we'll be working with and discussing in class.

As before, write your notes with the anticipation that you'll be returning to them to develop them beyond what Shifman writes. Use these first chapters to define an area in which to work in more detail: providing examples, commentary, alternatives, options.

We'll discuss what you have on Tuesday.

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