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My name is Amanda Sorensen. I am a sophomore at Bemidji State University, studying Creative and Professional Writing, with a minor in Theatre. I come from a small town about twenty miles west of Duluth, Minnesota. There I live with my dad, John, my mom, Karen, and my younger brother, Daniel. I have a Golden Retriever/Yellow Lab mix name Sadie and a gray cat named Mouse.

I enjoy writing fiction and would eventually like to write a few novels. I would also like to do some scriptwriting. I have always been interested in what goes on behind the scenes on a movie set and would like to work on a set some day hopefully of one of my own scripts. I do have a few things started but have not had much time to sit down and work on them. I always have ideas floating around in my head.

I tend to be very shy at first but fun to be around once you get to know me. I tend to be very private and do not share my thoughts easily. When I do come up with an idea I like and think will work I tend to be stubborn about changing my idea into something someone else wants to do. I can be a leader but I tend to be follower.


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