Alternative Forms of Progression on a Website

Start a new page on your WikiName page, titled AlternativeProgression - intials

Choose one site to work with. Compile as a list 7 - 10 changes you would make to the site - design, pages, and texts - concerning progression. These would be changes you would make to organize and guide the addressee's experience of or movement through the content. Tie each change back to Longaker, chap 4, by mentioning the change in progression you would make.

Example: On LittleHouse, I might change the titles and order of articles on the recipe index pages such as this Bread recipe index to guide the sequence a user might take from simple recipes to complex one. This follows Longaker, qualitative, ascending order progression, p. 112.

You can draw on other sites we've looked at for alternatives, or develop your own.

Start this exercise by Thursday.

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