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Migrated from Elements of E-Rhetoric Wiki in December, 2007.

This wiki is for use and development by students of ENGL 3179/5179: Elements of Electronic Rhetoric, Bemidji State University, and is administrated by M C Morgan.

This wiki as started in 2005, using PmWiki 2.x, unning on a Mac G4 450, with 1 gig of RAM, AMP. The materials were moved to WikkaWakka Wiki in December, 2007. It was moved to DreamHost and the erhetoric.org domain in fall, 2009, and has been happy there.

M C Morgan, Prof English
Dept of English
1500 Birchmont Dr #23
Bemidji State University
Bemidji MN 56601 USA

218 755 2814
questions and comments to mmorgan at bemidjistate dot edu
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