Hey andrew, I won't be in class tomorrow but hope to have the entire book read and some type of post up on this site by class on thursday. Let me know if you have any ideas about a specific area we should focus on in the book or on our project tomorrow.

[4-12] All righty, I will post up anything important we talk about in class. Still working on reading the chapters, but after tomorrow we should have a good idea of what he wants us to do. See you thursday.

[4-13] Notes in class:
A:B as C:D
patterns of condensing - recipies, novels, lectures, lives,
Neologisms - iventing new words related to your field of interest. (often for humor)
neu meeja - new media

Define a project:
Decide what you want to look at. (Gender,
How are you gonna look at it?
What are you expecting to see?
Look for suggestions on what to look for in 140 chr. book.

[the in class worktime]:
OK so we should pick a topic of course, im not too picky about what it is really.
Some ideas:
If you have any other ideas for a topic im not too concerned about what we do. Honestly though im not thinking I want to hunt around for people writing poetry in twitter...hehe. Looking at comedy, on the other hand, could be very entertaining. Anything is good as long as its a topic though. Once we pick something we have to decide what we want to study about it, like if the topic was "news" we would probably be looking at 'how' news gets condensed to fit on twitter. Also we have to basically make a hypothesis on what we expect to find out before we actually do the research.
So next time you check in go ahead and pick a topic and we will figure out what to work on from there. Thursday will be an in class workday.

Method of Studying the Topic:

4/14: ok sounds good. I like the idea of looking at either comedy or news. I know I'm really involved with twitter in the realms of sports news and updates on my phone particularly. either of those are fine with me.

4/15 in class: I think examining comedy in twitter will be the most entertaining. Im gonna say lets go with that unless we get a ways into it and decide otherwise. I think we are going to want a couple sub-pages for organization. I will add up at the top a page for basic presentation (without our notes) and another page to stuff twitter quotes in so they arn't all over the place.
So we have the what (Comedy), next is the how (search method). I don't know of any search models in our book that will work really well. We might have to go out and find a different one. The teacher showed us this page:
which has a simple, easy to follow model that might work good for us. If you find a better one though just post it up.
After that we need to put down our expectations.
Then we can start collecting quotes and notes.
I will get this rolling on the presentation page.

4/15: Hey sorry about class again today, I've been really swamped this week because of my praxis I tests i'm sweatin' over for my teaching degrees. But i'm really happy how the wiki has helped ups collaborate online. Are you on campus at all over the weekend? I'm working the front desk of tamarack friday night and i think that would be a good time to get together and get the wheels really rolling on this. I've found some people and quotes already, and was actually subscribed to a few comidians already so thats a good way to start. This is my cell phone number, it only texts doesn't call so if your in town at all over the weekend or before class on tuesday toss me a text so we can get together, put a good push in and get this project all but wrapped up. Hope to hear from you soon.

4/16 Hey good news, passed my praxis testing so now that that is outa the way I can start getting into this project. I'm here at the desk tonight toss me a text if your around campus and lets try and knock this thing out.

4/19 Hey sorry I havent checked back in forever, things got crazy for me too but we should be able to get a bunch done tomorrow. All my nights are shot all week which doesnt help but I will be able to do some stuff other times if you are free or working. My cell is 218 three six eight 0062, I always have that on me, I think about checking the wiki then it never happens like you probably noticed. If nothin else I will see you tomorrow and we can figure out when we can work on it I like the idea of getting it over and done with too.

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